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Re: Klingon Merry Christmas?

batlh choja', Mark E. Shoulson quv:

=Perhaps...  I dunno 'bout Christmases, but I've sung "DuQuchmoHjaj qoSlIj"
=for "Happy birthday", and it fits.

I *was* proud of myself for coining the Du-moHjaj form; I guess it's our
common linguistic backgrounds at work here, Mark ;) . But it fits? Not
according to TKD accentuation (duQUCHmohjaj qOSlij). We could always take
the copout that Klingon accentuation isn't as rigid as these rules suggest,
as the TKD itself suggests, but this doesn't really help us.

=>Nick "Meri Kurisimasu" Nicholas.

Nick "Yevanic must have been a really cool language" Nicholas.

"Relax." -- "yIleS." [Three seconds pause.] "Stop Relaxing!" -- "yIleSHa'!"
                                  --- the Conversational Klingon tape.
   Nick "I am not a Klingon. Much." Nicholas.
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