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Re: Klingon Merry Christmas?

On Dec 13,  7:54pm, Nick NICHOLAS wrote:
> Subject: Re: Klingon Merry Christmas?
> Given the proliferation of Xmas songs here, I don't see why we can't assume
> *QISmaS* is a loan into Klingon, and express it as "Quchjaj QISmaSlij", or
> "SoHvaD Quchjaj QISmaS".
> Nick "Meri Kurisimasu" Nicholas.

     I dunno. Sounds kinda idiomatic to me. Yes, in English, we would say,
"May your Christmas be happy," but I suspect in Klingon that really means
that an entity called QISmaS, which is not capable of language is being
wished happiness. Not you. Saying, "May QISmaS be happy for your benefit,"
doesn't really help.

     I don't have TKD with me, but I'd tend to say something more like,
"While QISmaS is happening, may you be happy." Assuming, of course, that
happiness is a desireable condition...

--   charghwI'

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