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[Tlhingan-hol] Noun sequences

Anthony Appleyard ( [KLI Member]

If any sequence of nouns "A B" means "B of A", how to say e.g. "A son of B son of C"? I have been using "A B puqloD C puqloD". Or does that always mean "son of C of son of B of A"? Or what? I have seen uses of A B where the 2 nouns are in apposition, i.e. "A who is B": e.g."<span class="tlh">HoD Qanqor" or "Qanqor HoD"</span> means "Captain Krankor" and not "the captain's Krankor" or "Krankor's captain".<br><br>Does "Picard HoD" mean "Captain Picard" now, but "Picard's captain" before he was promoted to captain? Or what?<br><br>Sometimes I have used "A 'oHbogh B" to mean "A which is B", i.e. "A B" where A and B are in apposition.<br><br><a href="";></a><br><br><p></p>
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