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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country Klingon Dialogue

David Holt (

>> HaqwI' JIH je. qam HaqwI' jIH. ro HaqwI' SoH'a'? 
> with the help of the boQwI app i think that this means : "i'm a surgeon 
> too. a foot surgeon. are you a trunk/body surgeon ?" 


> i would like to give the reply "no,i'm an orthopaedic surgeon". So 
> maybe i would say : "Qo'. ghIv HaqwI' jiH." 

Check what boQwI' says about {Qo'} as an exclamation.  It cannot be used to answer a "yes" or "no" question.  It is used when somebody tells you to do something and you refuse.  Now look up {ghobe'}.  The sentence which follows that was very well done.  majQa'!

> @ Qov (robyn) : Duj logh SoH ! 

Perfect use of {SoH}!  Though I think the other words may have gotten a little mixed up.

When you put two nouns together (like {ghIv HaqwI'} and {Duj logh}), the second noun is the thing being described and the first noun modifies it in some way.  A common relationship between the two is that the first noun is owner of the second noun.  But it may also be that the second noun is made out of the first noun.  Or that second noun is the type used by the first noun.  Other more complicated relationships are possible, but the point it's a first-noun kind of second-noun.  By the way, this is exactly how we do it in English, too and when you are putting two nouns together you can often (but not always) just put the English and Klingon in the same order (for possession we add 's in English, but nothing in Klingon).  In those cases where that is not clear, it helps to reverse the order of the words and insert "of".

{janSIy SID} is "Johnshee's patient" (ownership).  {baS Haqtaj} is a "steel scalpel" (made of).  {tlhIngan Duj} is a "Klingon ship" (used by).  {yIn Quj} is the "game of life" (more complicated relationship).

So I am a "foot kind of surgeon", a "foot surgeon", or a "surgeon of the foot".  You are a "limb kind of surgeon", a "limb surgeon", or a "surgeon of the limbs".  And you've described Qov as a "ship kind of outer space", a "ship outer space", or an "outer space of a ship".  You might have instead meant {Duj} to mean "instinct", but I'm proceeding under the assumption that you meant to call Qov a "space ship".  If that's the case, then you're saying she's a kind of ship and the kind of ship is a space kind.  The descriptor goes first followed by the thing being described.  So {logh Duj} is "space ship".

nav paq jIH'a'?

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