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[Tlhingan-hol] Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country Klingon Dialogue

HoD qunnoQ (

<div dir="ltr"><div><div><div><div><div>nuqneH<br><br></div>i made this observation..<br><br></div>In Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country,there is a scene where chancellor Azetbur talks with the Klingon generals. It is the scene where the classic phrase &quot;QamvIS Hegh qaH law,torvIS yIn qaq puS&quot; is heard.<br><br></div>Seeing this scene -and most importantly hearing it- i noticed that the Klingon Azetbur speaks,sounds more &quot;fluid&quot; than the Klingon the generals are speaking. Her Klingon sound somewhat more &quot;mild&quot; than the Klingon of the others,which sound more &quot;hard&quot;.<br><br></div>I was wondering whether there is an explanation to this,or it is just because of the differences of <span>pronunciation of the individual actor/actors.<br><br></span></div><span>qunnoQ<br></span></div>
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