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[Tlhingan-hol] mu' chu': {Qoyje'} n. certificate

De'vID (

Qov, SoHvaD lI'qu'bej mu'vam chu'.

--- begin quote ---
Maltz tells me, though, that there is a word for certificate.  It's
{Qoyje'}, and Maltz said it could be used for the kind of certificate
you're talking about, but also for other things, such as a diploma.
It can't be used for a license or a permit — that, of course, is
{chaw'}.  The difference is that a {Qoyje'} is proof or verification
of some sort of achievement or accomplishment, but it doesn't
necessarily allow you to do anything as a result of that.  A {chaw'}
shows that you are officially or legally allowed to do or get or own

Maltz said that *{yer ghajwI' Qoyje'} for "deed" might seem to make
sense (rather than {yer ghajwI' chaw'}), but not from a Klingon legal
perspective, since property ownership is granted by a government or
other sort of authority — it's not an accomplishment (though those of
us paying mortgages might feel otherwise).
--- end quote ---


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