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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Indie Movie translation

Steven Boozer (

>> The Warlock is pulled between our dimension and another. In that space
>> between the two dimensions, a spirit attacks him and Ivy has her revenge.

> wovwI' SuD, wovwI' SuD.
> DIn DabwI', bortaSwIj DayobmeH HIghoS.
> "Green light, green light. Dweller at the threshold, come to me in order
> to harvest my vengeance."
> DIn is the open area just before a passage. I chose that over loOr because
> I'm not sure that a door is involved. So interpret the threshold as being
> the space between realms.

Oh, nice.  I forgot all about {Din}:

HQ 12.2:  For the end of a longish enclosed space that one is typically inside of or experiences from the inside, such as a corridor, tunnel, or conduit (say, a Jeffries tube or a branch of the sewers of Paris), a different word is used: {qa'rI'}. This is the only word; it's used for both (or all) ends. The open entryway leading into such a space is called a {Din}. If there's a door there, it's referred to by the usual word for door, {lojmIt}.

> jIHvaD bInoDmeH would be fine, if you're not attached to the agriculture
> metaphor.[] 

"In order for you [Warlock] to be avenged on me [Ivy]"  

Hmm... I think you've got that backwards.  If Ivy is speaking/chanting shouldn't that be {SoHvaD jInoDmeH} "In order for me [Ivy] to be avenged on you [Warlock]"?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons


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