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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] tera' Hovtay'Daq PLUTO HurDaq bIHtaH'a' latlh yuQmey?

SuStel (

On 1/20/2015 1:26 PM, wrote:

{Hoch} and {latlh} are used more like number words than nouns, yet
the dictionary calls them nouns. Likely, they consist of an extremely
small class of words handled different from anything else, without
Okrand bothering to really explain it.

voSpegh tlhIngan
veng wa'DIch tlhIngan
'ejyo' tlhIngan
latlh tlhIngan

These are "Vospeg-Klingon," "First City Klingon," "Starfleet Klingon," and "additional Klingon," not "Vospeg's Klingon," "First City's Klingon," "Starfleet's Klingon," and "additional one's Klingon" (although actually they are these, too, depending on context). These are normal genitive noun-noun constructions. You just have to realize that {latlh} is a little more abstract than "the other one right over there."

And, it’s not very “alien” to Terran languages. In fact, it’s more
alien to Klingon grammar than it is to Terran grammar.

…which is what bothers me.

Exactly how I reacted to the prefix trick! And all sorts of other error retrofitting that's happened over the years.


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