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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] New canon phrases (no new words, or maybe there are)

Steven Boozer (

André Müller:
>> Hu'tegh! bIrach'eghjaj.
>> = Damn! Get well soon.* (lit.: May you invigorate yourself!; so that's how you say it!)
>> In short, these are three messages by MO to me, on Facebook. The first two are new, a belated
>> birthday wish and a reply to my post that I'm sick at the moment. They don't contain any new
>> words, but we get a sentence that we could use when someone is sick. I don't know if Klingons
>> themselves would use it. Probably not. ;)

Felix Malmenbeck:
> He probably was just trying to approximate the human sentiment, but there is something nice and
> Klingon about the phrase <bIrach'eghjaj.>
> He's not saying "Hope you get well soon (by some magic)!" or "Hope the doctors take care of you!"; > he's saying "May you fortify yourself!", suggesting you should meet your illness actively and
> head-on. Perhaps a Klingon would be even more straightforward, and simply say <yIrach'egh jay'!>
> ("Sort yourself out, for frak's sake!")

Years ago, Okrand sent Glen Proechel a "get well" letter when he was hospitalized for heart and kidney failure which read in part:

  Be healthy! 

Glen commented that "I don't know that this makes that phrase the 'official' way to wish someone health in Klingon, but it is consistent with the idea that sickness is considered a weakness and a Klingon needs to be ordered to stay healthy." (Proechel, 3/1998)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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