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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Beginners corner

Rohan Fenwick ( [KLI Member]

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<body class='hmmessage'><div dir='ltr'>ghItlhpu' Maxim, jatlh:<br>&gt; {tulghach yIlon naDev 'elwI'pu'}<br><br>jang De'vID, jatlh:<br>&gt; "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate"<br>&gt; * Does one "abandon" hope in Klingon?<br><br>I
 don't see why not. Klingons are pretty direct in general but that 
doesn't mean they can't also be metaphorical. I see no problem with 
{tultaHghach yIlon} "abandon hoping".  A rendition following Dante's 
meter (11-syllable lines stressed on 6 and 10) might be:<br><br>Hoch tultaHghach yIlon tlhIH, 'o 'elwI'pu'<br>"Abandon all hoping, O those who enter"<br><br>(poD vay')<br><br>jang je Voragh, jatlh:<br>&gt; TIP:  If you can't find a good noun, try rephrasing with a verb: *{tulHa'choH}.<br><br>Also a good suggestion, though.<br><br>petulHa''eghmoHchu' tlhIH, 'o 'elwI'pu'<br>"Cause yourselves to completely lose hope, O those who enter"<br><br>taH:<br>&gt; I'll let the BG deal with the rest of Maxim's post.<br><br>BG ghu' cherlu'chu'ta''a'?<br><br>QeS 'utlh 		 	   		  </div></body>
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