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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] qep'a' report

Steven Boozer (

> > - I asked if vogh could be used for a static locative, or was it only
> pa' naDev and Dat that did not take -Daq. He said that he did not think he
> had intended the list in TKD to be exclusive, and that vogh could probably
> be a locative all by itself, but that he would have to re-read it to be
> sure.

TKD 27:  It is worth noting at this point that the concepts expressed by the English adverbs here, there, and everywhere are expressed by nouns in Klingon: {naDev} hereabouts, {pa'} thereabouts, {Dat} everywhere. These words may perhaps be translated more literally as "area around here," "area over there," and "all places," respectively. Unlike other nouns, these three words are never followed by the locative suffix.

(~mark):  ... [{vogh}] takes {-Daq}. If it were like the others he'd have said, since he was presenting a list of exceptions.

(SuStel):  Since TKD is very clear that there are three nouns which do this, and here they are, {vogh} must take {-Daq}. It does seem like one of these nouns, but so far we have no way to say that it is.

(charghwI'):  I would tend to use {vogh} like {Dat}, {naDev} and {pa'}. It seems different from {logh} which describes an environment as much as a location. The environment has a location, like forest, but if you are referring to the location of that environment, you use {-Daq} in most settings. {vogh}, on the other hand, has no characteristic except location (or lack of it).

Well, now we finally know!

> The only instance {vogh} I recall is {vogh vISuch vIneH} from
> Conversational Klingon, from which we can't infer anything.

  vogh vISuch vIneH 
  I want to visit someplace. CK
> Are there any other uses of {vogh} in canon?

AFAIK that's the only one - unless it's used in the paq'batlh.  Would someone check?  (I don't own a copy.)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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