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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] qep'a' report

De'vID (

On 5 August 2015 at 22:44, Robyn Stewart <> wrote:
> Note that this was a conversation with Marc, not matlh, so not canon.

pollaH pagh polHa'laH, qar'a'? A distinction without a difference, so
to speak? (Or is Marc only speaking "ex cathedra" when Maltz is
summoned? :-) )

> - I asked him about how we would describe someone’s right hand.  I said I would say nIHwIj ghop ‘the hand of my right side’ and he said “I would do that too,” making a dissatisfied face about the alternative nIH ghopwIj ‘my hand of the right side.’
> - I asked “or are nIH and poS like tlhop and ‘em, taking the pronoun rather than the possessive suffix?” but he felt that nIHwIj was correct.

So how would one talk about an alien species with front and back hands
(in addition to left and right ones)? {nIHDaj ghop, ghaH 'em ghop je}?

> - I asked if vogh could be used for a static locative, or was it only pa’ naDev and Dat that did not take –Daq. He said that he did not think he had intended the list in TKD to be exclusive, and that vogh could probably be a locative all by itself, but that he would have to re-read it to be sure.

The only instance {vogh} I recall is {vogh vISuch vIneH} from
Conversational Klingon, from which we can't infer anything.

Are there any other uses of {vogh} in canon?


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