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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Klingon Word of the Day: wej

SuStel (

On 4/7/2015 3:30 PM, Lieven wrote:
Am 07.04.2015 um 20:42 schrieb SuStel:
So who knows? Maybe {wej} "not yet" really is pronounced {weej}. Or
maybe not. That's the trouble with having only fictional native
speakers. However, the phenomenon is quite real, however it may
manifest. We just can't examine it.

I agree completely. As for wej, it is of course always context related:

- 'ar Dalegh?
- wej vIlegh.

A: 'ar Dalegh?
B: wej vIlegh.
A: DaleghDI' tItogh, ghIq HIja'.
B: ghIq HISlaH? nuqjatlh?
A: nuqjatlh?


A: 'ar Dalegh?
B: wej.
A: ghorgh choja'?


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