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[Tlhingan-hol] meQboghnom

De'vID (

Quvar (Lieven) today pointed me at the word {meQboghnom}, which
appears in the {paq'batlh}. It is said to be the name of Kahless'
banner of unity and revolution, under which his armies marched.

Is this the banner with the imperial trefoil that we see all over the
place in Star Trek? Was this word used in {'u'} the opera, and when it
was performed what did this banner look like?

(I actually saw the streamed version at but I
don't recall anything about this banner at all.)

p.s. In the (non-canon) PC game Klingon Academy, General Chang
(reprised by Chris Plummer) refers to the Klingon trefoil as the
{tIq'ghob}, or "the Heart of Virtue, in the ancient tongue".


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