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[Tlhingan-hol] Story: ghuv = The Recruit - 27

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Been a busy week and I ran out of ones of these I'd done in advance. The
story continues. So does the violence, although this episode is not too bad.
Torg has boarded a Romulan space station, reprogrammed the sensors killed a
couple of Romulans, and rushed out into the corridor.
chob'a'Daq wunmo' mang mob, Dop DIn ghoS torgh. Duj rI'qa' 'a rarbe' QumwI'.
taQ ghu'. qatlh vaghvatlhlogh ghunmeH mIw qeqpu' 'ach wa'logh mIw veb
qamDu' 'ugh QoychoH. DIn tlhoy' cholqu' torgh. chob'a'Daq lujuS moDbogh wej
'avwI'pu', nISwI' beHmey qengtaHvIS. DInvo' bach torgh. mIvmey tuQtaHmo'
nachDaq Qeqbe'. roDaq Qeq 'ach DoS qIpchu'be'.  'avwI' wa'DIch volchaH qIp.
jach 'avwI' 'ej beH Qeq 'e' nID.


chob'a'Daq wunmo' mang mob, (chob'a' = main corridor (from the BoP poster, I
think); wun = vulnerable "As a solder alone is vulnerable in the main

Dop DIn ghoS torgh. (DIn = entryway, beginning of a long space "Torgh goes
to the entrance to a side passage.")

Duj rI'qa' 'a rarbe' QumwI'. ("He hails the ship again, but the communicator
does not connect.")  taQ ghu'. ("The situation is weird.) 

qatlh vaghvatlhlogh ghunmeH mIw qeqpu' (-logh = times (or repetiton);
vaghvatlhlogh = five hundred times; ghunmeH = "in order to program" or "in
order to be warm." So it's "Why had he practiced the procedure in order to
be warm five hundred times?" or "Why had he practiced in order that the
procedure be warm five hundred times?" or "Why had he practiced the
programming procedure five hundred times") 'ach wa'logh mIw veb qelbe'lu'?
("but the next procedure had not been considered once.")

qamDu' 'ugh QoychoH. (-choH = start, change; "He began to hear heavy feet.")

DIn tlhoy' cholqu' torgh. (tlhoy' = wall; "Torgh drew very near the wall of
the corridor entrance.") 

chob'a'Daq lujuS moDbogh wej 'avwI'pu', (Note that chob'a' is not the object
of juS (pass). It is the location. The object is third person singular (lu-
tells you that) "Three guards who hurry pass him in the corridor" nISwI'
beHmey qengtaHvIS. ("carrying disruptor rifles".)

DInvo' bach torgh. ("Torg shoots from the entryway.")

mIvmey tuQtaHmo' nachDaq Qeqbe'. ("As they are wearing helmets he does not
aim at the head.")

roDaq Qeq 'ach DoS qIpchu'be'.  ("He aims at the trunk, but he does not hit
the target perfectly.")

'avwI' wa'DIch volchaH qIp. ("He hits the first guard's shoulder.")

jach 'avwI' 'ej beH Qeq 'e' nID. ("The guard cries out and tries to aim his

- Qov

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