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[Tlhingan-hol] Story: ghuv - The Recruit - 15

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

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<TITLE>Story: ghuv - The Recruit - 15</TITLE>
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<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">In this continuing story, maQ is making Torg practise a mission procedure under every imaginable condition, including enduring pain.</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">ghaHvaD QIghpej lo'DI' maQ, jachqu' torgh. yabDaj Danmo' bep, tlhoS porghDaj SeHlaHbe' 'ej tlhoS leghlaHbe', 'ach noch ghunqa' jay' 'ej Qaghbe'. rInDI' Qu' 'em 'ej ravDaq Dej, pe'vIl joqtaHvIS ghIvDu'Daj. </FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">QIghpej 'oy' patlh 'olDI' maQ, loQ DIvchoH qabDaj. Qamqa'laHmeH torgh, ghop SIch.&nbsp; jatlh, &quot;maj. Qu' Data'laHlaw'.&quot;</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"> </SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">--</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">ghaHvaD QIghpej lo'DI' maQ, jachqu' torgh.</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">You know that the N5 &#8211;vaD indicates the &#8220;beneficiary&#8221; of an action, but here note that a grammatical beneficiary doesn&#8217;t necessarily benefit from the action. I don&#8217;t think ghaHDaq would be incorrect here, because I believe the agonizer is physically applied on the person, but an action-at-a-distance device would definitely be used ghaHvaD.<BR>
QIghpej = Klingon agonizer &#8211; a device used to inflict excruciating pain on torture subjects without damaging them<BR>
jach = cry out &#8211; so jachqu&#8217; is probably &#8220;screams loudly&#8221;</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">&#8220;Torg screams loudly when maQ uses an agonizer on him.&#8221;</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">yabDaj Danmo' bep, tlhoS porghDaj SeHlaHbe' 'ej tlhoS leghlaHbe', 'ach noch ghunqa' jay' 'ej Qaghbe'.</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">Dan = occupy territory - a military term. jISorHa&#8217; &#8211; I&#8217;m speaking metaphorically, characterizing agony as a military force that comes in and occupies his mind. I just realized now in translating that we have a similar metaphor in English, &#8220;to be occupied&#8221; but for us occupy can be anything in a place. The Klingon Dan is specifically a military force holding territory.<BR>
tlhoS = almost, nearly<BR>
jay&#8217; = invective - an interesting adverb. It adds invective strength to the clause that it follows. &lt;noch ghunqa&#8217; jay&#8217;&gt; = &#8220;he reprograms the fucking sensors&#8221; or &#8220;he programs the hell out of the sensors.&#8221;</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">&#8220;Because agony holds his mind like an occupying army, he almost cannot control his body, and almost can&#8217;t see, but he programs the fucking sensors and doesn&#8217;t make a mistake.&#8221;</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">Torg may not be smart, but he&#8217;s tough. I think maQ turned the power up until Torg screamed, and then held it on him, without checking to see how high he had set it.</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">rInDI' Qu' 'em 'ej ravDaq Dej, pe'vIl joqtaHvIS ghIvDu'Daj.</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"> </SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">rIn = be complete, be finished<BR>
&#8216;em = vomits<BR>
pe&#8217;vIl = forcefully, by force<BR>
ghIv = a (person&#8217;s) limb<BR>
-Du&#8217; = plural marker for body parts only</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">&#8220;As soon as the task is completed he vomits and he collapses on the floor, his limbs forcefully waving.&#8221;</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">You&#8217;d think the Klingon would have a word for &#8220;spasmodically twitching,&#8221; but I make do. At least I hope you can see the poor guy on the edge of seizure from the pain.</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">QIghpej 'oy' patlh 'olDI' maQ, loQ DIvchoH qabDaj.</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">QIghpej &#8216;oy&#8217; patlh &#8211; a three noun pile-up. &#8220;agonizer&#8217;s pain rank&#8221; &#8211; I think that should be pretty clearly something like &#8220;pain setting&#8221; or &#8220;level of pain of the agonizer&#8221;<BR>
&#8216;ol = verify</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">&#8220;When maQ checked the agonizer pain setting, his face became a little guilty.&#8221;</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">Qamqa'laHmeH torgh, ghop SIch.&nbsp;</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"> </SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">&#8220;In order that Torg can stand up again, he reaches a hand.&#8221;</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">I had some trouble with this, not linguistically but culturally. Needing help would be shameful to a Klingon, so I didn&#8217;t want to say &lt;Qamqa&#8217;meH torgh QaH maQ&gt;. Instead I leave it vague whether Torg uses the offered hand, and try to picture it as being as much congratulatory as assisting. Do you think it works?</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">&nbsp;jatlh, &quot;maj. Qu' Data'laHlaw'.&quot;</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">&#8220;Good. I think you will be able to do the mission.&#8221;</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">After all that, maQ qualifies his statement with &#8211;law&#8217;. It *</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><B><FONT FACE="Calibri">appears</FONT></B></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">* that torgh can do it. We shall see. And of course that could be translated as &#8220;I think you can do the mission.&#8221;&nbsp; I chose the future because it sounds like he&#8217;s giving him permission, because English is wishy-washy in its can/may distinction.&nbsp; &#8220;It seems you are able to do the mission.&#8221; is another candidate.</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">Holodecks, conveniently, are self-cleaning, so the vomit will get recycled with the other objects in the holodeck.</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">-Qov</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN></P>

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