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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] "sew until next time..."

De'vID (

> Somebody I know said they came across some "Klingon" on a blog about sewing.  I'm guessing the
> English is a common phrase on the blog for a signature; a play on the English words "so" and "sew".
> rut until poH veb...
> Sew until next time...
> Yes, they left "until" untranslated.  We don't have "until" in the dictionary.
> I was thinking [qaSpa' poH veb] for the until part.
> On a positive note, they did know to put veb after poH.

Too wishy-washy for me. Until the next time what happens? A Klingon
would be more straightforward: {maghomqa'pa'} "Until we meet again".

> "sew"?
> The only sew I found was:
> "If you did say tlhIm mutlh ("he/she assembled a carpet"),  that would
> mean there were pieces of fabric (or squares of carpet?) that got put
> together (sewn together?) to make a carpet or rug."
> from Jan 2012.
> I thought we had a thread on this topic (ha ha made a pun), but I couldn't find it.
> Somebody that sews don't nessecarily limit themselves to tlhIm mutlh, or Sut mutlh, etc.

Well, there was that thread on the completely nonsensical made-up word
*{vaDmuv} "knit", maybe that's what you were thinking of?

Maybe there is no Klingon word for "sew" more specific than {mutlh}
(which can also mean assembling things other than clothing), the way
there's no Klingon word for "dance" more specific than {mI'} (which
can also refer to running in place and doing calisthenics).

Putting it together, how is: {SIbI'Ha' maghomqa'pa' yImutlhtaH!} "Keep
assembling until we meet again later!"


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