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[Tlhingan-hol] "sew until next time..."

Seruq (

Somebody I know said they came across some "Klingon" on a blog about sewing.  I'm guessing the
English is a common phrase on the blog for a signature; a play on the English words "so" and "sew".

rut until poH veb...
Sew until next time...

Yes, they left "until" untranslated.  We don't have "until" in the dictionary.
I was thinking [qaSpa' poH veb] for the until part.
On a positive note, they did know to put veb after poH.


The only sew I found was:
"If you did say tlhIm mutlh ("he/she assembled a carpet"),  that would 
mean there were pieces of fabric (or squares of carpet?) that got put 
together (sewn together?) to make a carpet or rug."
from Jan 2012.

I thought we had a thread on this topic (ha ha made a pun), but I couldn't find it.
Somebody that sews don't nessecarily limit themselves to tlhIm mutlh, or Sut mutlh, etc.


- DloraH

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