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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] tlhIngan Hogh jajmey pongmey

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

I've got to say, kudus to Marc for digging himself out of that one IN STYLE.
As I discovered in nuq bop bom it's really hard work trying to remain
consistent with everything you have released before especially in light of
information you didn't have earlier.

It's clever and elegant and breaks a huge ugly logjam on the FB project.

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> tlhIngan 'ISjaH lo'lu'chugh jav jajmey ghaj wa' Hogh:
> DaSjaj, povjaj, ghItlhjaj, loghjaj, buqjaj, lojmItjaj/ghInjaj
> jajmey law' ghajchugh nov 'ISjaH, latlh jajmey permeH mI'mey lo':
> jaj wa', jaj cha', ...

DaSjaj - "Monday"
povjaj - "Tuesday"
ghItlhjaj - "Wednesday"
loghjaj - "Thursday"
buqjaj - "Friday"
lojmItjaj/ghInjaj - "Saturday" ({lojmItjaj} is used for more formal
occasions, but both are used interchangeably otherwise)

For weekdays above six, such as found on alien calendars, they're simply
counted starting with {jaj wa'} for the seventh weekday:
jaj wa' - Terran "Sunday" (no analogue on the Klingon calendar); note that
this is consistent with its usage from Star Trek The Exhibition jaj cha' -
Lenmakian "Eighth-Day" (no analogue on the Klingon calendar); Lenmak is a
culture with an eight-day week


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