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[Tlhingan-hol] 'contamination' and <-Ha'choHmoH>

Ruben Molina (

I am trying to render the concept of "contamination".

I started from: <Say'> "be clean" and <lam> "be dirty"
and formed <Say'moH> 'cause to be clean', and <lammoH> 'cause to be dirty'...

so, maybe <lammoHghach> works for 'contamination'...

But, what about: <Say'Ha'> 'be unclean' (?) and <lamHa'> 'be
not-dirty' (?)...  ?

and from there:

<Say'Ha'moH> 'cause "a change in direction" from clean to unclean' (?)

<lamHa'moH> 'cause "a change in direction" from dirty to not-dirty' (?)

But here we have canon:

    "Where can I get my shoes cleaned?"
    <nuqDaq waqwIj vIlamHa'choHmoH>

Please note: <lamHa'choHmoH> instead of <lamHa'moH>. *why?*

So, it should be: <lamHa'choHmoH> and <Say'Ha'choHmoH> yes?

BTW, this is the only example I found in the form <-Ha'choHmoH> but
there are many <-descansa amorHa'moH>... And why not  <nuqDaq waqwIj
vISay'moH> or <nuqDaq waqwIj vISay'choHmoH> ?

So, I assume <Say'Ha'choHmoH> works as 'to contaminate'
And then <Say'Ha'choHmoHghach> would be 'contamination'. yes?

Any difference between <lammoH> and  <Say'Ha'choHmoH>? Any difference
between <lammoHghach> and  <Say'Ha'choHmoHghach>?


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