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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] "Star Trek Into Darkness (OST) 06 -" spoiler

De'vID (

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 9:03 AM, Tim Stoffel <> wrote:
> It is fairly normal practice for choirs in films to sing 'nonsense
> syllables' that sound like the language in question. They did this in
> 'Avatar' and many people spent a long time trying to decipher the
> phrases until we found out from the producer they they were nonsense
> syllables. So, if they are using real Klingon words here, that would
> indeed be unusual. I will definitely listen for this when I see the film
> again this coming weekend.

So Michael Giacchino has apparently given a number of interviews in
which he's claimed that it's real Klingon.!/programs/movies/2013/may/04/
32:00 - The commentary on the Kronos Wartet track starts here.

35:12 - editing out "ums" and "uhs", he said:
"If you speak Klingon, I suppose you would understand it. But if not,
it's random hurled insults and things that a Klingon might say to an
intruder of their planet."

According to him, the Klingon phrases were supplied by the wife of
Alex Levy, his music editor, who (the wife) allegedly speaks Klingon.
<Is the choir in that cue saying anything in particular in Klingon?

They are hurling insults and different things, and sort of anger
ideas, mostly not nice things, but not overly crazy either. You know,
the things you would say to someone who showed up at your house that
you really did not like. ::laughs::>

There's also this:
(I wish we lived in CSI-world where we can focus on and zoom in on
that paper in Alex Levy's hand. ;-) )


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