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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] "Star Trek Into Darkness (OST) 06 -" spoiler

De'vID (

On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 8:32 AM, Lieven <> wrote:
> This sounds to me like a generated soundfile, which must "sound" like
> klingon, but without any meaning. This is done quite often in TV-music, for
> instance a chorus sounding like latin, but with no meaning.
> What I can hear in this klingon track ist something like
> *De' vItamSIy pu'... De' vItamHa' tIpu'*

A couple of weeks ago, Michael Giacchino came to Switzerland and did a
"Star Trek - Live to Projection" concert. Basically they played the
Star Trek (2009) movie, but instead of the music coming from the
soundtrack, it was played live by orchestra.

See event info here:

Unfortunately, I did not go to this (even though it's not too far from
me). I'm told however that after the end credits, he performed a
selection of songs from the upcoming movie (which may or may not have
included the Kronos Wartet song). However, there was a choir there,
and they sung the chorus to whatever songs they performed. So I
suspect the Klingon chorus is not generated noise, but is singable by
a real choir. However, I think the lyrics must also look like "KKHOI
KAY-LESS POOK-LOAD KKHOI POOK-BEH POO-OO", etc., because it would've
been too much trouble to coach an entire choir on proper
pronunciation. So it's likely we won't be able to reconstruct this
from their singing.


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