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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] pride and values

Steven Boozer (

ghItlhpu' André, jatlh:
> I found a sentence in the paq'batlh that I think might either contain a syntactical error, a new usage of a verb or simply a
> structure that I cannot parse. It's on page 144-5, Canto 16, 2nd verse:
> tlhIngan wo' nur ghob je
> HoSmoH quvvam
> che'DI' molor nur ghob je pujchoHpu'
> With it, I restore pride and values
> Of the Klingon Empire, for under Molor,
> They have grown weak and faint.

>> I'm with janSIy. Though in origin this may well be an error of
>> word order, it still reads well if you treat the third line of
>> the stanza as meaning "when Molor's dignity and ethics ruled,
>> they [molor nur ghob je, tlhIngan wo' nur ghob je joq] became weak".

FYI:  {nur} "dignity" was used elsewhere in the opera/PB for "pride":

"In the draft for the opera ['u'], it was used to translate "pride" like this:  "We will avenge your stolen pride" {nurraj nIHlu'ta'mo' manoD} [and] "with it I restore pride and values of the Klingon empire" {tlhIngan wo' nur ghob je HoSmoH quvvam}" [Quvar, 8/22/2011]

How {nur} differs from {le'yo'} (which is used in a similar sense elsewhere in the opera/PB) is unclear.  I don't have the relevant verse in my notes.  QeS reported that:

  HemtaHvIS vay', ghaH DuQchu' le'yo'. HemtaHghach 'oS 'oH.
  [QeS, 8/18/2011]

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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