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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Do you, personally, accept non-Okrandian Klingon?

Steven Boozer (

> There are, in fact, two Klingon words I have not seen written in
> tlhIngan Hol canon (in Okrandian transcription) before. It's true
> that they are not "new" words, in that we've heard them onscreen
> before, but we hadn't seen them written. 
>    [...]
> To relate them back to this thread, since these spellings have now
> appeared in a Paramount-licensed Star Trek product, do we consider them
> "official"? They're as good as anything that's appeared in a book by
> K.R.A. DeCandido, for example. I doubt MO will ever use those specific
> words in writing, but if he does, he will almost certainly just confirm
> their spelling, since they follow good tlhIngan Hol orthography and
> phonetics.
Like most of DeCandido's words I'm assuming they're words for Klingon foods, flora, fauna,  names, etc.  I would have no problem considering them "official", if not canonical per se <g>.  They do after all appear in a Paramount-licensed product and are therefore more accessible to fans and casual Klingonists than, say, an off-hand comment by Okrand at a convention or in a private email to someone on this list.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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