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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Do you, personally, accept non-Okrandian Klingon?

De'vID (

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:41 AM, Lawrence M. Schoen
<> wrote:
> There are no new Klingons words in the upcoming HOW TO SPEAK KLINGON
> Audio Phrasebook by Ben Grossblatt. Ben provided me with the lines he
> wanted translated. I took them to a group of KLI Grammarians who
> worked them over. I then exercised my judgement where there were
> differences of opinion (this is where errors might creep in) and sent
> back the phrases in Klingon. The audio on this project is also
> provided by me. The KLI is credited with the translation on the
> product itself.

I just received this book in the mail today (and just in time, too --
I'm going to see STID tonight).

There are, in fact, two Klingon words I have not seen written in
tlhIngan Hol canon (in Okrandian transcription) before. It's true that
they are not "new" words, in that we've heard them onscreen before,
but we hadn't seen them written. However, since the publication date
is Apr. 23, I'll wait the 30 days before discussing them.

To relate them back to this thread, since these spellings have now
appeared in a Paramount-licensed Star Trek product, do we consider
them "official"? They're as good as anything that's appeared in a book
by K.R.A. DeCandido, for example. I doubt MO will ever use those
specific words in writing, but if he does, he will almost certainly
just confirm their spelling, since they follow good tlhIngan Hol
orthography and phonetics.


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