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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Shuttles and stations

Steven Boozer (

> Now... try translating "runabout"!

>> DujHom tIn?

> But runabouts aren't just big shuttlecraft; they're semi-independent
> vessels that act like complete ships, but can land on planets like
> shuttlecraft OR let you transport from orbit.

Since a shuttlecraft is {lupDujHom} and we have to call it something, I've always called a runabout a *{lupDuj} - which also works for (large) passenger shuttle, transport (ship), starliner, troopship, etc. - though it's not a perfect fit by any means.  FYI we also have {lupwI'} "jitney, bus" (CK/TNK/KGT), {ra'wI' lupwI'} "taxi" (TNK) and {lupwI' mIr} "train" (TNK).  Cf. the verb {lup} "transport".  

I supposed you could even call it a *{lo' law' Duj[Hom]}, on the model of {lo' law' lojmIt} "utility hatch" from the BoP Poster.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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