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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Shuttles and stations

De'vID (

>> Would the ISS even be a {tengchaH}? I mean, a shuttlecraft is
>> technically a type of {Duj}, but we still call it a {DujHom}. The ISS
>> feels more properly like a {tengchaHHom} to me. It doesn't even have
>> artificial gravity or shields!

> {-Hom} doesn't indicate how impressive something is. The ISS is certainly a
> {tengchaH}. A shuttlecraft is a {DujHom} because it's used to ferry people
> to and from actual {Dujmey}.

In that case, the ISS is something like a {ghojmeH tengchaH}, at best.

> Now... try translating "runabout"!

DujHom tIn?


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