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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] New word part 2

De'vID (

QeS 'utlh:
> The problem is that the explicit gloss of "scroll" for {tetlh} in KGT says
> that it is quite capable of referring to the physical entity of the scrolled
> piece of writing material, not just the information contained upon it.
> "Roll" has a more abstract use - honour roll, roll call, etc. - but "scroll"
> really can't be used so abstractly.

I sometimes read books using a window on a desktop, and you know
exactly what I mean!

Just because "scroll" seems like something which can't be used
abstractly in English doesn't mean that its analogue isn't in Klingon.
The {paq'batlh} is referred to as "scrolls", even though they were
only shown being read on a computer screen (AFAIK).

Here, for example, are some {tetlhmey} of a version of the {paq'batlh}
which are not printed on {Qumran}:


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