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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] New word part 2

Steven Boozer (

Lieven just wrote:
> The students at the qepHom wrote a letter on a 7 foot (about
> 240 cm) long piece of paper. It really was one piece of paper
> and not glued together. They added short messages and funny
> drawings, whatever came to their mind.
> Here is what Marc Okrand said about it:
> <<<<<<
> Maltz and I really liked the scroll. (He told me the word for 
> "scroll" was <Qumran>, by the way.). Thanks to everyone who
> wrote messages or drew pictures. We really appreciate all of
> the nice thoughts.
> >>>>>>
> (Email to Lieven, 3 june 2013)

How is {Qumran} different from {tetlh} "roll, scroll, list"?  

Does {Qumran} refer to the physical aspects of a scroll, while {tetlh} is more of a (longish) list (i.e. material vs. content)?  

When Okrand has referred to {tetlh} before, he tends to translate it as "list":  e.g. {naD tetlh} Commendation List (KGT), {Soj tetlh} grocery list (st.k 7/09/1998), {'ay'mey tetlh} technical callouts (i.e. a "parts list"; BoP Poster). 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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