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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] "Klingon Helper" on Windows 8 phone

De'vID (

>> Does anyone have a Windows 8 phone and tried this app?
>> Is the functionality any good? (It seems to be using Zrajm's database.)

> The dictionary look-up seems limited. I can't get results for the English
> words "ship," "building," "happy," or "be happy," for instance. The Klingon
> look-up is not case sensitive; for "Quch" it finds both {Quch} and {quch}.
> It's also a bit slow to look things up.

Do'Ha'. I wonder why it can't find "happy", if {Quch} is in the database.

> I'll note that the page of ideals should be translated with {-'egh} and
> {-moH}, since they're commands with verbs of quality.

The author's contact info is at the link. Shoot him a message.


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