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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] {qoSta'} clarified

Seruq (

> > > As you may recall when we first heard of the word, I imagine that
> > Okrand had forgotten he'd already come up with {HoS Hal} 
> "power supply"
> > for SkyBox S14:
> It was just literally electricity container.. However 
> thinking about it and
> what was said about {HoS Hal} "power supply" from SkyBox S14. 
> maybe 'ul
> 'aplo' refers to a battery in general but specifically one on 
> a shelf an
> unattached battery not giving power but just containing it.  
> So that when
> connected it is still an 'ul 'aplo' but then also becomes HoS Hal..

Not all power sources are batteries.

- DloraH

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