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[Tlhingan-hol] {qoSta'} clarified

Adm qe'San ( [KLI Member]

Resending as the list was down when originally sent

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> Hey, we have distinct power supplies and batteries, why can't Klingons?
> Perhaps a primitive AA dry cell is an 'ul 'aplo' but the higher tech 
> used to power beHmey is a HoS Hal.
> I lean towards the idea that ngaSwI' is generic while 'aplo' might 
> have a defined shape or purpose.
> - Qov

Sorry Qov no specific shape (see below)
> >> IIRC MO did not see the images when he worked on the translation.
> >> qe'San had everything translated as much as he was able to and then 
> >> gave his list to Okrand to complete it.

In actual fact it was the other way round regarding the images. When I
completed the translations and the course was recorded for the first time I
had not seen the images except in course samples so had not really worked
with the images. Marc was given my translations and a spreadsheet rather
than a txt file with embedded images from the course. So whether Marc went
with my translations or not he did write/type the whole course himself in
tlhIngan Hol and also the pIqaD font (eg XIFAN). 

Marc also told me that he worked on the Monopoly translations at the same
time but whether he used 'aplo' first as part of game box, cassette or
batteries is probably irrelevant however at the time I said to him:

 "I surmise that mIllogh is like image so that mIllogh qonwI' 
 I guess is image recorder. On that basis I was trying to 
 look at (camera) film for which you have camera plus 
 another new word qoSta' .
 The latter new word is also in cassette which itself has 
 another new } word 'aplo' which is also in batteries.
 I therefore thought 'aplo' is a kind of general term for 
 small container. 

 If that's close and qoSta' refers to the ribbon like tape 
 in a cassette and ribbon type film in a film cartridge then 
 wab qoSta' 'aplo' is like "sound tape cartridge" and film 
 is like "image recorder tape" 

The relevant part of his reply was:

 Regarding the new words qoSta', 'aplo', mIllogh, 'echletHom, 
 Qal -- Your characterization of them is right!  mIllogh is 
 actually not a new word. That was introduced at a qepHom in 
 Germany last year.   The others are new.  

 - Marc

Obviously that still leaves it open as to what is classified as small.  At
that time I didn't know it was used in Monopoly so in my mind I was thinking
small like a film cartridge, cassette or battery but it definitely doesn't
imply sealed as was suggested elsewhere although it doesn't exclude it. It
is just a general term meaning "(small) container".

> >>
> >> I guess that Okrand just had to think about "batteries", and 
> >> thought something like "thing carrying electricity... Hey, I got the
> >> 'aplo', so this is the 'ul 'aplo'..."
> >>
> >> Just in my own imagination, of course ;- )[]

For info the Cassette was row 285, film #295 and Batteries #297

My original translation for Batteries was 'ul ngaSwI'mey and Marc decided to
use 'aplo' which he'd already used for cassette and film ussuming he worked
through them in order.

> > As you may recall when we first heard of the word, I imagine that
> Okrand had forgotten he'd already come up with {HoS Hal} "power supply"
> for SkyBox S14:

It was just literally electricity container.. However thinking about it and
what was said about {HoS Hal} "power supply" from SkyBox S14. maybe 'ul
'aplo' refers to a battery in general but specifically one on a shelf an
unattached battery not giving power but just containing it.  So that when
connected it is still an 'ul 'aplo' but then also becomes HoS Hal..

Nearly forgot the thing I started that email for was the subject line qoSta'
:  As can be seen above, Marc had confirmed that it referred to the physical
ribbon qualities.

So could apply to a tape for measuring or ribbons for the hair just as well
as the tape in an audio or film in a film cartridge.


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