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na'ran rur [Re: Klingon WOTD: na' (verb)]

qe'San \(Jon Brown\) ( [KLI Member]

I suspect there is no further canon on the use of  {na'ran rur} but is there 
anything indicative of how to use it.

How could I say or get close to saying, "Terrans enjoy eating sweet food".

na'ran rurbogh Soj  -  food that resembles na'ran
Soj luSop tera'gnan  -  Terran's eat food
lutIv  -  They enjoy it

na'ran rurbogh Soj luSop tera'gnan lutIv  - Terrans enjoy eating food which 
resembles na'ran..

However that makes me think that it's the food that resembles naran rather 
than the flavour.  So rather than "food resmbles na'ran" would it be better 
to have taste in there somewhere:  "Terran's enjoy eating food whose taste 
resembles na'ran"  but that uses taste as a noun which I don't believe 
exists... so I'm lost there..

Any ideas canon or otherwise?


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> This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Saturday, September 8, 2007.
> Category: Stative Verbs
> Klingon word:   na'
> Part of Speech: verb
> Definition:     be salty, brackish (slang)
> Source: KGT (220 KE, 236 EK, 255 EK)
> Swedish: vara saltsmakande, vara bräckt
> Additional Notes:
> KGT p. 85.  Klingon food also frequently tastes {wIb} ("sour, butter") or 
> {na'} ("salty, brackish").  The closest equivalent to "sweet" is probably 
> {na'ran rur} ("resembles a [naran]," a fruit whose juice is sometimes 
> added to sauces as a contrast to the other flavors.)  Interestingly, many 
> human visitors seem to really enjoy the juice of the [naran] all by 
> itself, particularly in the morning, though Klingons find this practice 
> most peculiar.  Despite the general absence of sweet foods from their 
> diet, Klingons tend to be quite enthusiastic about {yuch} ("chocolate"), 
> at least in its purest forms.
> Homonyms:
> na' (verb) - be sure, definite, positive, certain (slang)
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> or comments.
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