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why klingon?

Lieven Litaer ( [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

Greetings, dear klingonists!

I'm working on a little feature of my website about the klingon language, and need your help, i.e. your opinion.

On one page, (which is still empty but visible on, I would like to collect a list of opinions why people want to learn or speak klingon.

Please, please answer to me directly, not to this list. I do not wish to have a large discussion here (again) why we are learning klingon.

Next, I'd prefer short and direct answers. One sentence is much better than a whole page: "I learn Klingon's green."

By the way, everything will remain anonymous, if you like. You can see at the page how it looks like.

Okay, I hope to get a few answers, and not a huge wave of talking about it on this list. We all know why we learn klingon. ;-)

  I hope this was not too off-topic :-P
  Quvar 'utlh.
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