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Re: intuition and grammar (was Re: Ditransitive reflexives)

Doq (

A second issue is that if we change the language too much, we  
essentially create a dialect that someone else who studied Okrand's  
materials would not understand. The Klingon Institute was not created  
in order to create or foster non-standard dialects of the Klingon  


On Oct 31, 2009, at 1:34 PM, ghunchu'wI' wrote:

> ja'pu' lay'tel SIvten:
>> It's safer to walk around a hole than to jump in. We don't know how
>> deep the
>> holes are, and they're difficult to illuminate.
> ja'
>> Yes, but if there's a problem, we need to fix it.  It would only be
>> the smart, right, and beneficial thing to do.  Fill the hole!
> It would be the presumptive and arrogant thing to do.
> We're just studying and using this language.  We lack the authority
> to change or add to its grammar.  In the fantasy context of Klingon
> being the language spoken by real Klingons, we don't have any
> information on what to fill the holes with.  We do have information
> telling us that some holes are true gaps in the language and not just
> gaps in our knowledge.
> motlh qay'be' SengHey.  Sengbe'.  qaD neH.  Hol yItI'Qo'.  Hol  
> yIlo'qu'.
> -- ghunchu'wI'

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