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Re: intuition and grammar (was Re: Ditransitive reflexives)

ghunchu'wI' (

ja'pu' lay'tel SIvten:
> It's safer to walk around a hole than to jump in. We don't know how  
> deep the
> holes are, and they're difficult to illuminate.

> Yes, but if there's a problem, we need to fix it.  It would only be  
> the smart, right, and beneficial thing to do.  Fill the hole!

It would be the presumptive and arrogant thing to do.

We're just studying and using this language.  We lack the authority  
to change or add to its grammar.  In the fantasy context of Klingon  
being the language spoken by real Klingons, we don't have any  
information on what to fill the holes with.  We do have information  
telling us that some holes are true gaps in the language and not just  
gaps in our knowledge.

motlh qay'be' SengHey.  Sengbe'.  qaD neH.  Hol yItI'Qo'.  Hol yIlo'qu'.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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