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Re: Ditransitive reflexives

Tracy Canfield (

The color terms might fall into that category of linguistic universals that
aren't UG.  All known human languages have words like "drink" and "sun", but
I don't know of anyone suggesting those are part of UG; they're just things
all humans want to discuss.  There are some interesting cross-linguistic
patterns for color systems in human languages - and you're right, Klingon
doesn't fit them - but that might have to do with human color perception.
I don't know anything about Klingon color perception, but this is why we
have grant applications.
2009/10/27 David Trimboli <>

> Klingon was designed very intentionally to violate universal
> grammar?since Klingons are not Terrans. Note, for example, {SuD} "be
> blue, green, yellow" and {Doq} "be red, orange," which violate the
> "warm/cold" dichotomy of color in natural language. And consider the
> very phonology of Klingon, which exists in a way that no natural Earth
> language would.
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> SuStel
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