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Re: Ditransitive reflexives

Andrà MÃller (

2009/10/27 Tracy Canfield <>
> Thanks!  I appreciate the information.
> The lack of anaphora (pronouns like "themselves" or "each other") in
> Klingon
> is especially striking because the linguistic structures which control
> where
> they can appear in human languages are part of universal grammar, which is
> generally agreed to be hardwired in the brain.  At the very least, it
> raises
> interesting questions for further research on government and binding in
> Klingon.
Don't forget that not every linguist believes in UG and even among those who
do, it's a matter of debate what's included there. So, "generally agreed" is
quite an exaggeration. And Klingon wouldn't be the first language to violate
the proposed UG. There are even natural languages that do...
But it's getting rather off-topic going into details here (and I fully agree
on your last sentence about G&B).

- André

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