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Re: Ditransitive reflexives

Terrence Donnelly ( [KLI Member]

--- On Tue, 10/27/09, Tracy Canfield <> wrote:

> Thanks!  I appreciate the
> information.
> The lack of anaphora (pronouns like "themselves" or "each
> other") in Klingon
> is especially striking because the linguistic structures
> which control where
> they can appear in human languages are part of universal
> grammar, which is
> generally agreed to be hardwired in the brain.  At the
> very least, it raises
> interesting questions for further research on government
> and binding in
> Klingon.

Well, Klingon is supposed to be alien. Even if universal grammar applies to humans, there's no reason why it would necessarily apply to non-human sentients 8+) .

-- ter'eS

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