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Re: The meaning of -moH

Doq (

I'm not sure we've ever seen the prefix trick used without an explicit  
third-person direct object. The whole thing that makes the prefix  
trick work for me is the obvious mismatch between the prefix and the  
explicit direct object.

It may be that the prefix works just as well without the presence of a  
direct object, but I've never noticed a case of this.


On Oct 5, 2009, at 1:45 PM, David Trimboli wrote:

> David Trimboli wrote:
>> We have one sentence, {ghaHvaD quHDaj qawmoH}, which supports either
>> argument (my god, I never thought I'd be pleased with that  
>> sentence). If
>> there is a canonical sentence of the form {puq ghojmoH yaS} my
>> hypothesis would be in doubt. Is there one?
> I found one, but it's completely ambiguous. The end of Power Klingon  
> has
> {batlh qaghojmoH}. Unfortunately, this could be either {batlh SoHvaD
> vIghojmoH} or {batlh SoH qaghojmoH} by the prefix trick (or even  
> {SoHvaD
> batlh vIghojmoH} "I teach you honor," though we know that's not what  
> was
> intended).
> (Conversational Klingon also has {batlh qaghojmoHpu'}, which doesn't
> change anything.)
> -- 
> SuStel
> tlhIngan Hol MUSH

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