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Re: na'ran rur [Re: Klingon WOTD: na' (verb)]

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Steven Boozer wrote:

>>> Also, don't forget the pronoun {'e'}: na'ran rurbogh Soj luSop
>>> tera'ngan 'e' lutIv.
> Before KGT came out some people used *{wIbHa'} "un-sour/bitter/tart")
> for "be sweet".  (From CK we know that Klingons drink {Dargh wIb}
> "sour tea" but many humans, myself included, prefer sweet tea.)  If
> qe'San wanted to be absolutely clear that he was talking about the
> taste of the {na'ran} fruit rather than its appearance, color or some
> other feature, he could adapt the simile formula {wIbHa'; na'ran
> rur}:
> na'ran rurbogh Soj'e' wIbHa' luSop tera'ngan 'e' lutIv.
> though I think this is overkill.  (And yes, I did tag {Soj} with
> {-'e'} because the sentence is getting a little complicated now with
> the addition of yet another verb.  YMMV.)

I don't agree with using {wIbHa'}; I don't think sweet is an opposite or 
undoing of sour/bitter/tart. But if you were to use it and mark the head 
of the relative clause with -'e', you would have to put it the -'e' in 
the right place:

    na'ran rurbogh Soj wIbHa''e' luSop tera'ngan 'e' lutIv

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