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Re: Numbers with pronouns

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Christopher Doty wrote:
> I'm wondering about using numbers with pronouns.  Okrand gives examples like
> <mulegh cha'>
> "Two (of them) see me"
> but I don't see anything like
> <mulegh cha' chaH>
> "Two of them see me"
> How does this sound to people?

I can't say it's wrong, but it doesn't look right, either. I think it 
would be roughly equivalent to saying "Two thems see me" in English.

 > And what if one is using the pronoun as a verb instead of a noun?
 > E.g.,
> <nItebHa' cha' maHvIS...>
> "While we two are together..."
> Does that seem okay?

{-vIS} always requires {-taH}.

This seems a little more plausible, but I would still avoid it in 
general use, simply because it's weird.

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