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Re: *Qayton*

Michael Roney, Jr. (

Wikipedia or someone had a pretty big list at the end of one of their articles.
Sadly, I'm unable to find the page.

-Michael Roney, Jr.
Professional Klingon translator

--Sent from my Palm PrÄ?Lieven Litaer wrote:


I'm working on a collection of everything on TV that includes anything in or about Klingon. Please tell me what you know to add:

- Simpsons, "My big fat geek wedding" (Season 15, Episode 17)

- Frasier speaking Klingon

- "Klingon Boggle" in ???

- ...

Does anyone remember the name of the series where someone called "Crayton" or so said "You didn't understand that, right? Because it's Klingon!" I don't know how you spell his name, and  can't remember the show.




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