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Double negatives

blake.turner (

Is there a canon stance regarding the use of double negatives in tlhIngan Hol? I haven't been able to find any references to this in TKD or elsewhere. (But if cursing is a fine art, then I can't imagine many tlhInganpu' would be adverse to the theatricality of adding as many as a sentence could bear.)

For example:

{not batlhHa' bIHeghbe'jaj} "May you never die dishonorably." 

{not bong jIjatlhbe'jaj} "May I never speak by accident."

Does this usage of {not} render the {-be'-} redundant or is this suffix still necessary? {not batlhHa' bIHeghjaj} somehow sounds incomplete to me.

nuq vuDmeyraj?


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