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Re: pu'jIn

Lieven Litaer ( [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

I don't join the noun-noun-discussion now.

Talking about {pu'jIn chenmoHwI'} and the like, I like to show what it could mean, and therefore misunderstood:

At least here in Germany, the architect develops the building. Then there is a drawer, how draws the plan for it. And this computerdrawing is sent to a company that prints the "drawing on paper", which is the {pu'jIn}.

Now, who's the {pu'jIn chenmoHwI'}?

And about making words, anyway:
Yes, we are allowed to make compound words. But we *agreed* to not use them, unless they are clear in context. In that case, they still would not be the official word for a thing.

You wouldn't do this in english or any other language either.

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