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Re: Sentences as objects

qurgh lungqIj (

On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 2:45 PM, Steven Boozer <> wrote:
> More on {QIj} "explain" FYI:
>  QaghwIj vIQIj 'e' yIchaw'neS
>  Permit me to explain my mistake, your Honor. PK
> KGT 149:  The literal meaning of {chuH} is "throw a spear at, hurl a spear
> at". The object of {chuH} is usually the intended target, the person or
> thing at which the spear is thrown. In the slang sense, the object of the
> verb is the person who wants clarification, as in {HIchuH!} ("Clarify for
> me! Spell it out for me!") or {yaS chuH} ("He/she clarifies [it] for the
> officer"). The verb {QIj} ("explain") is a standard term somewhat close to
> this in meaning, though the object of {QIj} is that which is explained,
> while the person to whom the explanation is given is the indirect object:
> {yaSvaD nab QIj} ("He/she explains the plan to the officer").
If the object of {QIj} is the thing being explained then 'e' should work:

jagh jeylu'. ghaHvaD 'e' vIQIj - The enemy is defeated. I explained that to
him. (I explained to him that the enemy was defeated)

I wouldn't see {QIj} as a verb of saying since, as Voragh pointed out, you
don't have to speak to explain something. Okrand's example seems to back
this up, since he isn't using it to directly quote anything.


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