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Re: Rude People

rklingonwarrior ( [KLI Member]

Hot Damn!  After running around in the Iraqi heat for the last six months, this 
is the damned funniest thing I think I've ever seen!  I swear, I should print 
this conversation out and post it in a combat stress clinic just so everyone can 
laugh at the jackass that doesn't understand that list subscribers can't 
remove someone from a list!  You do realize, my dear Dr Fuckerson, that 
it's just like yelling at your neighbors to cancel your newspaper subscription 
and then calling them idiots because they can't help you.  
But seriously, from one hard warrior to the speakers of the warriors tongue, and 
those that accidently sign on to lists that don't want, THANK YOU FOR THE 
LAUGHS!  I can continue to run about the war a little less ragged.
-veS joH

-----Original Message-----
From: Christopher Fulkerson, Ph.D. <>
Sent: Sat, 30 May 2009 9:47 pm
Subject: Re: Rude People: Second Email To Mark Reed

The reason it was a hard concept to grasp is due to my ignorance.  What I
on't understand is why that is so hard for YOU to grasp.   I find no
hame in this.   Ignorance is just a lack of knowledge.   We all have lots
f it.   Next time you write an opera or a symphony, trust me, I will not
e as rude to you about your ignorance in my field.
Stupidity, however, is the willingness to act despite one's ignorance.  
t is usually out of order.   Hurling insults at an ignorant person=2
0is a
tupid action.   It's to kick someone when they're down.
However, even a stupid action can be necessary if one is trapped.   I am
ike the Greek cab driver who is on the street in the right shouting at a
roup of unconcerned individuals who are standing on their rights to do
he wrong thing.   There is a time to make a scene.
I tried for weeks to get everybody's attention.    Look at the history,
ou will find I was quite polite, though I made my frustration evident.  
his had no result.
That was the time for a sober mind to say "we can't help you."
However, it was several go-rounds before even one person wrote without
hrowing insults at me.   I fielded them as well as I could but such
seful info as they contained turned out not to be effective due to the
ite mafunctions.   No one has written to apologize for that particular
rend among you.
Please support the task of bringing your web site up to functional speed
o I can get the code it claims to make available.
Christopher Fulkerson


n Fri, May 29, 2009 3:52 pm, Mark J. Reed wrote:

 Sorry, caps lock got stuck for a second.  Must be contagious.

 Why is that such a hard concept for someone with a doctoral degree to
 grasp?  You are only succeeding in spamming hundreds of people with
 pointless requests for something they have no power to grant.

 On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 4:
14 PM, Christopher Fulkerson, Ph.D.
 <> wrote:
> No, it's not a good point. �  It's a totally callow suggestion. � 
> � Bring in
> your site manager, and resolve the problem.
> Christopher Fulkerson
> On Fri, May 29, 2009 1:02 pm, Fiat Knox wrote:
>> Good point. I said as much to him privately.
>> --- On Fri, 29/5/09, Terrence Donnelly
>> <>
>> wrote:
>>> From: Terrence Donnelly <>
>>> Subject: Re: AM I Going To Have to Be Really Rude to get Your
>>> Attention?
>>> To:
>>> Date: Friday, 29 May, 2009, 8:43 PM
>>> When I have lost the instructions to a mailing list I
>>> subscribed to, I've taken responsibility for my actions and
>>> lack of organization.�  Instead of pointless harassment,
>>> I just send every message from that list to my spam
>>> folder.�  Eventually, they go there automatically, where
>>> I don't have to be bothered by them, and without me having
>>> to bother others to make up for my own lack of foresight.
>>> -- ter'eS (no Ph.D., but no dummy either)
>>> --- On Fri, 5/29/09, Christopher Fulkerson, Ph.D.
>>> <>
>>> wrote:
>>> > From: Christopher Fulkerson, Ph.D.
>>> <>
>>> > Subject: AM I Going To Have to Be Really Rude to get
>>> Your Attention?
>>> > To:
>>> > Date: Friday, May 29, 2009, 11:38 AM
>>> > Dear Klin
gon Scholars,
>>> > I have been asking consistently and politely for weeks
>>> to
>>> > be taken off of
>>> > this list.� � � Gwunch we said he forwarded the
>>> > info to the proper source;
>>> > there has been no result.�  �  He is the only
>>> > person to even respond.
>>> > Thinking it might be my duty to do this, I went to
>>> your
>>> > site, where I
>>> > could not find where to unsubscribe.
>>> > And I am going to be very rude to you at every opportunity.
>> At least he's honest.
>>> > Your group has been a bad experience for
>>> > me.
>>> > On Fri, May 29, 2009 9:23 am, Fiat Knox wrote:
>>> > > Time to throw my satchel of ngat into the fire:-
>> /Not/ what I'd intended ...

 Mark J. Reed <>

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