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Re: AM I Going To Have to Be Really Rude to get Your Attention?

Lieven Litaer ( [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

Greetings all.

as a former Beginners' Grammarian, I feel responsible to solve this problem.


Dear Mr. Fulkerson, we (the group) cannot stop sending you mails, because they are sent automatically.

> I want: NO SPAM.   If I don't want your sendings, THEY'RE SPAM.

But somehow, you managed to become a member of this list. So first you wanted this information. If you know how to subscribe, you should know and use the same way to unsubscribe.
Or did you not subscribe?

> I am DETERMINED to bother you ALL until someone acts decently.

That's not a good nor a polite way, because it won't help anything. By the way, we ALL cannot do anything against it, except for telling you how you can unsubscribe.

I don't know where you searched, but here some useful links:
the FAQ:

the welcome letter, you should have received when yousubscribed:

Quote from that letter:
Any administrative requests should be sent to <>, with an empty subject and a body containing the request: "unsubscribe".
It is important that your subject line remains blank.

If none of this works, you really need to be patient and wait til somebody can really help you. Unfortunately, WE ALL just can't help you - even if we wanted.


I hope you got enough attention now, and also hope you don't need to bother us any more. :-)

I wish you success unsubscribing and a nice weekend.

  Lieven L. Litaer
  (Dipl. Ing. not Ph.D. ;-)


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