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RE: qolqoS?

Steven Boozer (

Fiat Knox wrote:
>> There have been a few new words most recently added to the corpus
>> in the last qep'a'. For the sake of completion, can anyone point
>> out the list of the most recent new tlhIngan Hol words? I think my
>> list ends at "bop."

>These are the ones I know of that are missing from the New Words page:
>* qolqoS (n) core, heart [qep'a' wa'maH loSDIch]
>* 'elI'jaH (n) unexpected visitor [qep'a' wa'maH loSDIch]
>* pu'jIn (n) map [qep'a' wa'maH loSDIch]
>* wIlpuq (n) pudding (like butterscotch?) [qep'a' wa'maH vaghDIch]

I don't have time to check if these are on the New Words List, but here's a quick list of those I could locate quickly in my notes.

meyrI'  square [shape] (n.) ("More from Maltz," HQ 14.2-3:21 < qep'a' 2005)
 - meyrI'Daq 'oHtaH gho'e' The circle is in the square. [qep'a' 2005]

nIyma'  phantom, apparition (n.) ["nIyma' is the Klingon word for phantom or apparition--something that seems to appear, but isn't really there. It's not the same as ghost, which is the spirit of a dead person (and may or may not look like that person, or may not be visible at all), and it's not the same as spirit (or {qa'}), which is sort of a life force within a person (that escapes when a person dies and may exist somewhere somehow). [Okrand] said using {qa'} for ghost was OK, but I got the impression there may be another word as  well (though he didn't offer one). He said that although the word doesn't really mean invited guest that doesn't show up, it made a lot of sense to him to use {nIyma'} to refer to such a person." (MO to Quvar, 11/23?/08)

There were a handful from the ENTERPRISE episode "Affliction":

jol Quv  transport site (ENT "Affliction")
 - jol Quv yIchegh Return to the transport site. (ENT "Affliction")

loHwI'  magistrate [ENT "Affliction"]. [Archer's trial on Narendra III (?) for conspiring against the Klingon Empire and fomenting revolt was presided over by a magistrate. (ENT "Judgment")]
 - loHwI' vISuch 'e' vIpoQ I demand to see the magistrate! (ENT "Affliction")

ngaQmoH  secure (something) [ENT "Affliction"], lock
 - yIngaQmoH Secure him. (i.e. strap a prisoner in a chair; ENT "Affliction")

wuqHa'  commute
 - vImuHlu' net wuqHa' My death sentence was commuted! (ENT "Affliction")

There are a few words and sentences in various pro-novels and comic books which appear to have been written or approved by Okrand:

belHa'moH  displease, disappoint (STConst)
 - chobelHa'moH, DI'qar. You disappoint me, D'Kar. ("You displease me, D'Kar.) (STConst p.259)

loDmach  penis, male genitalia
 - "she nearly cut off my loDmach" (Star Trek Vanguard: Harbinger, p.202)

QuchHa'  "the unhappy ones" (i.e. human-like Klingons) [They usually serve in their own units, although sometimes they are known to mix with the rest of the Fleet personnel (in Star Trek Vanguard: Summon the Fire) "We also see the term QuchHa' again. (I first saw it in the Klingon Language Variant issue of Klingons: Blood Will Tell Vol. 1 [2007]). It was also used in the English edition sold a month later. According to the comic, only some of the Klingons lost their ridges. The smoothheaded ones were called QuchHa', the unhappy ones. Personally, I find this quite fitting. Since as a noun, Quch means forehead. And even though it's a linguistic stretch, if -Ha' worked as a noun suffix, QuchHa' would describe TOS Klingons quite well. The ridgy Klingons are called HemQuch." (naHQun on  Excelsior: Forged in Fire [2007])]

'aghHa'  dis-display (STConst)
 - qab yon Da'agh. qablIj yon yI'aghHa' 'aghHa'pa' 'etlhwIj. Scrape that smug look from your face before my blade does it for you. ("You display a satisfied face. Dis-display your satisfied face before my blade dis-displays it.") (STConst p.259)

Finally, Okrand provided a some official spellings, words and expressions for Keith R.A. DeCandido's novel _Diplomatic Implausibility_, c2001 (DI) as well as his series of IKS Gorkon novels (marked "KRAD" - I forget what it stands for; anyone know?).  N.B. Many of these are geographic names, food items or animals; not much use (unless you do much travelling in the Empire).  I'm not sure if Okrand coined or approved of all of these, but here they are FYI:

bolmaq  ["An animal native to the planet Boreth that makes a bleating sound and tends to run around in circles a lot." (KRAD) First referenced in Keith R.A. DeCandido's Honor Bound.]

chuSwI'  ["A rodent that mostly lives underground and makes an annoying noise." (KEBH) First referenced in Keith R.A. DeCandido's Enemy Territory.]

Da'ar  Dahar (KRAD) [a Klingon martial art]. Also spelled *DaHar.

ghInaq  grinnak ["A game that involves tokens and wagers." (KEBH) First referenced in Keith R.A. DeCandido's Honor Bound.]

ghonglIq  gonklik ["A vegetable, usually served sliced." (KEBH)]

Habnagh  "A type of stone indigenous to Qo'noS. Often used in the construction of statuary. First referenced in The Brave and the Bold, Book 2." (KRAD: A Good Day to Die)

Hestlh'ng  khest'n [sic!] (KRAD: Enemy Territory et al.) [< klingonaase. Adjective form of *khest*, roughly equal to "damned" TFR - What a khest'n waste. (AKS) 

Hun  khrun ["A riding beast." (KEBH)]

HurqIq  hurkik ["A fruit grown on Klingon farms." (KEBH)]

jInjoq  ["A type of bread." (KRAD) First referenced in Keith R.A. DeCandido's A Time For War, A Time For Peace.]

ma' to'vor  Mauk-to'Vor (KRAD) ["A death ritual that allows one who has lost honor to die well and go to Sto-Vo-Kor by being honorably killed by a House-mate or someone equally close." (DI) First seen in DS9 "Sons of Mogh". The m'veQ knife and adanji incense are used in the ritual.]

mevaq  m'veQ dagger (KRAD: A Good Day to Die) [Used in the Mauk-to'Vor death ritual. First seen in DS9 "Sons of Mogh".]

meyvaQ  a sex aid [Based on context in the book, this would appear to be a "toy" and not a "drug". (KRAD: Enemy Territory)]

nagh  (GN) "The name of a waterfall on Qo'noS. The word literally means stone." (KRAD: Enemy Territory)

ngIS  "Lubricant used on disruptor cannons." (KRAD: Honor Bound)

qaDrav  challenge floor (KRAD [from KLI not Okrand]) ["Literally "challenge floor," it is a raised, fenced platform in the plaza outside Klingon Defense Force Headquarters where challenges between warriors were once regularly held." (KEBH)] 

qorvIt  korvit ["A rodent that eats through plants, commonly found on Klingon farms, where farmers have set traps for them." (KEBH)]

QaS DevwI'  "Troop commander on a Defense Force vessel, generally in charge of several dozen soldiers. Roughly equivalent to a Sargent in the modern-day army. First used in The Brave and the Bold, Book 2." (KRAD: A Good Day to Die et al.)

Quv'eq  kuvrek "An animal that prefers the shadows." (KRAD: Enemy Territory)

ramjep  ramjep bird  "Avian life-form indigenous to Qo'noS that only comes out in the dark, and is sometimes used as food. Name literally means midnight. First referenced in Diplomatic Implausibility." (KRAD: A Good Day to Die et al.)

So'HIp  "Literally uniform of hiding, this is a camouflage outfit that changes color in order to blend with the background of the environment the wearer is currently inhabiting." (KRAD: A Good Day to Die)

Suto'vo'qor  Sto-Vo-Kor, Stovokor (GN) (KRAD)

taqnar  taknar (KRAD) ["An animal, the gizzards of which are sometimes served as food, and the droppings of which are particularly foul smelling." (KEBH) First referenced in Keith R.A. DeCandido's A Good Day to Die.]

tIq  (GN) "A river on the planet Qu'vat. The word literally means long." (KRAD: Enemy Territory)

toghotlh  torgot ["A large animal native to Rura Penthe that is difficult to subdue." (KEBH)]

tuQloS  a kind of vitamin pill [taken by a Klingon spy disguised as a human: "[Anna Sandesjo] would slip away to the lavatory and sneak a couple tuQloS pills to help her body take some sustenance from the human food she was forced to consume" (Star Trek Vanguard: Harbinger, p. 200) "I don't get any particular meaning out of that" (ter'eS 10/13/08) "It's part of her disquise, perhaps that's the wear part--she's wearing another form. It lets her wait while wearing the false form? Or maybe it's a silly pun on wherefore." (ghunchu'wI' 10/16/08)]

tlhIghaq  trigak "A predatory animal with sharp teeth that it bares before attacking." (KRAD: Honor Bound et al.)

tlhInja  klin zha (KRAD: Enemy Territory et al.) [the game from TFR: "Klin zha is a board game with similarities to a combination of chess and capture-the-flag, but in that novel it's also used on many levels as a metaphor for life... a literal translation of klin zha might be "the game of honor-ethics". The game itself is described somewhat sketchily in the book. Fans of Ford's version of Klindom extrapolated a playable set of rules, and it's now a popular real-world game. The Authorized Klin Zha Homepage ( has details." (ghunchu'wI')]

tlhonghaD  klongat ["A beast native to Qo'noS that is much larger than a targ and more difficult to subdue. Sometimes used as a riding beast." (KEBH) First referenced in Keith R.A. DeCandido's Honor Bound.]

vIHbe'  "A paralyzing poison that leaves no trace. Word literally means not move." (KRAD: Honor Bound)

yanISletlh  Yan-Isleth (KEBH) [The Yan-Isleth, or "Brotherhood of the Sword", is an elite Klingon division charged with protecting the chancellor, whom they guard at all times; i.e. it's his personal security force. (DS9 "Apocalypse Rising")]

yobta' yupma'  (KRAD [N.B. from KLI not Okrand!]) ["A Klingon harvest festival. Literally translates as 'the we-have-completed-harvesting festival'." (KEBH)]

Canon Master of the Klingons

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