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Re: qolqoS?

Fiat Knox (

Oh, I have a further question about these new words.

There have been a few new words most recently added to the corpus in the last qep'a'. For the sake of completion, can anyone point out the list of the most recent new tlhIngan Hol words? I think my list ends at "bop."



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--- On Wed, 27/5/09, Brent Kesler <> wrote:

> From: Brent Kesler <>
> Subject: qolqoS?
> To:
> Date: Wednesday, 27 May, 2009, 3:49 AM
> I was poking around the KLI wiki and
> I found this word in the article
> "Puns in the Vocabulary of tlhIngan Hol"
> </wiki/index.php?Puns%20in%20the%20Vocabulary%20of%20tlhIngan%20Hol>
> qolqoS: (n) core, essense, heart [John Colicos portrayed
> Kor in
> several Star Trek episodes]
> I can't find {qolqoS} in TKD or KGT, and it's not in the
> KLI "New
> Canonical Words List" </tlh/newwords.html>. Can
> someone point to a canon source for this word?
> Satlho',
> bI'reng


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